Serbian New Year PsyTrance Party( najava)

 Elgiva pleme je ponovo u punom sastavu,i sa prevelikim zadovoljstvom
vam predstavlja psychedelic trance žurku koja će se dogoditi uoči novogodišnje večeri u klubu Zamajac ( radomira jakovljevića 45 )
Elgiva tribe organizacija postoji dugo godina i bori se zajedno sa sugrađanima da oživi i pokrene elektronske žurke u Kruševcu. 
Lepo je videti da se grad pokrenuo, da su žurke oživele konačno i ovde, stoga smo odlučili da napravimo fantastično veče, i pozivamo vas da zajedničkim snagama napravimo prelep događaj koji ćemo svi pamtiti. 
Elgiva tribe organizacija je do sada ugostila dosta dobrih domaćih i stranih didžejeva.
Pored 3d fluo dekoracije, super zvuka, imaćemo i super DJ postavu. Tema žurke biće raznovrsna trans muzika, od progressive trance-a,preko full on-a,Goe do psytrance muzike, i još puno iznenađenja pored toga. 
Cena ulaznice bice 300 rsd.
Astral Sense /Ovnimoon records/ DJ SET 
Milan Rakic a.k.a. Sideeffected and Astral Sense comes from a small town Krusevac in Serbia.
As a teenager started listening electronic music, such as trance and house and later could not resist 
uplifting space melodies and fast tempos of goa and psychedelic trance music! Under the influence of psy 
trance and goa started dj-ing where he found full support of the local more experienced djs and producers!
Started dj-ing festivals and parties all over Serbia and later producing! His debut edition was in "Geomagnetic Records"
with his friend Ascent with track "Teardrops"! Later they founded psytrance project called "Elgiva" and released one EP "Gifts From Elves"
and full album "Mysticism", all in "Ovnimoon Records"!
Astral Sense is deep prog psy trance project based on groovy electro bass lines, deep emotional atmospheres and harmonies which exceed and
slowly uplift to a darker and more aggressive melodies! Has one full album "Endless Journey" released in Power House Records, few EP-s released 
in Goa Records and ovnimoon Records and also more to come. Each song is made to move your spirits and feet with moments of ecstatic happiness as 
well as deep introspective observations. Creepy dose of seriousness takes you on a journey of emotional awakening
Nature /Ovnimoon Records/ DJ SET 
After many years in music, he found him self in psychedelic music, making a new psytrance project called "Nature". Where he is focusing on old school ideas,
with strong kick and bass, with many elements of progressive, psychedelic and forest music. Trying to take you in state of meditation. Trying to keep misticysim
and spiritualism in psytrance music. Nature project is focused on eastern melodies, deep athmosphereses,
sounds of nature itself, relaxing and meditative sounds to make you feel free, to drift away with your mind...
Project name ''Nature'' comes directly from nature itself. Where he came in contact with mother nature and psychedelic music together, crossing his mind for a simple
project name and yet deeply connected with nature and psychedelic music. He made his debut release in Ovnimoon Records. Nature has collaborated with great names 
such as Ovnimoon, Ascent, Norma Project and many more to come.
Ascent /Ovnimoon Records/ DJ SET
Bojan Stojiljkovic /Ascent/ was born 1987 in town Krushevac, Serbia. He comes from a family of musician and as very young started playing keyboards. When he grew little older,
he started playing keyboards in Rock and Blues bands .When he had 20 years, he started his career as a DJ in Psychedelic Trance music. Worked and played psytrance music all around
Serbia at festivals and parties. In 2010 he started to produce progressive psytrance and downtempo/psychill music. Ascent has released his albums in several labels; Ovnimoon Records,
Goa Records, Plusqam Records,Synergetic Records,Sting Records, Phoenix Groove Records, Tandava Records and also more to come...
He created his psychill/ambient project with his brother Branko aka Argus /born in 1982/ who also plays live instruments (keyboard,drums,bass,guitar..) Together, they moved from town to forest,
near Mountain Jastrebac ,where they found inner peace and inspiration in pure nature. They come to the idea of making ambient psychedelic music and focused on deep mystical atmospheres, sounds of
nature and beautiful harmonies. Their music contains live instruments like guitars, keyboards, percussions, vocals and so much more…
He created his Psytrance Project: `ELgiva` with his friend Milan.
In 2009, this two artists created psy organisations and played psy -trance as Dj's all around Serbia at festivals and parties. Three years later, they came to idea to make psychedelic trance music and
focused on deep space atmospheres, uplifting and mystical melodies, groovy bass lines and old school ideas, inspired by many famous artists.
In addition, he created his Psytrance-Goa project `Demetria` with his friend Stefan. Demetria is a psytrance project founded by `Bojan Stojiljkovic` aka `Ascent` and `Stefan Stefanovski` aka `Tesla Principle`
from Krushevac-Serbia. Together, they decided to make something different like mixing so many genres of psychedelic trance music. Demetria is focused on deep atmospheres, mystical goa melodies with groovy full-on bass lines 
and many mysterious psychedelic effects. Currently, they are working for `Geomagnetic Records`. 
Since last year Ascent he has released over 12 EP’s, Two Albums adding up to 100 + tracks.
Ascent has recently released his album on Ovnimoon Records and has been on the psytrance top charts (TOP 2) on a world psytrance scene.
Ascent have many collaborations with Liquid Sound,Ovnimoon,Shogan Alchemix,Dual Resonance, Elegy, , Argonnight, and also more to come...

21-22h Ascent dj set / progressive
22h -23h Nature dj set / psytrance
23h -00h Astral Sense b2b Brankotix dj set / full on
00h- 01h Maata dj set / forest psychedelik



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